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The first battery swap taxis are in Berlin

In August 2021, an initial agreement was signed between MG SAIC and INFRADianba for a European battery swap rollout alliance. Already in December, the first two battery swap taxis arrived in Berlin to be available as compatible vehicles for the conversion of the pilot station at Berlin's Westhafen.

In spring 2022, together with the Berlin Taxi Guild, we can now present the first European battery swap taxi in Berlin!

The MG 5 Battery Swap, which is very similar in design and equipment to the vehicle model Passat of its JV partner VW, is suitable not only for taxi operations, but equally for highly mobile fleets, such as tradesmen with small load transports, car sharing companies and rental car agencies.

It convinces with its design, comfort and equipment, but especially also with its technical features, the favorable purchase price and the high economic efficiency. The trunk volume of 480 l is optimally designed for the transport of smaller loads, wheelchairs, baby carriages, etc.

  • Compared to other plug-in vehicles, MG SAIC's battery swap vehicle offers unbeatable advantages:
  • A range of 320 to 400 km with a 50 kWh battery, depending on battery type and time of year
  • 20 seconds battery swap instead of hours of "fast charging" at the charging station
  • Longer battery life due to gentle charging
  • plus AC/DC cable for location-independent charging
  • Very favorable vehicle purchase price
  • Battery leasing instead of battery purchase


The Nadolski Plan: 4000 E-Taxis for Berlin

The 1st Chairman of the Berlin Taxi Guild Leszek Nadolski has written an open letter to the Governing Mayor and the new Berlin Senate to publicly declare his readiness for an immediate and broad electrification of Berlin's taxis. In it, he writes:

"The taxi drivers in Berlin want a fast, uncomplicated and affordable mobility turnaround for all. They themselves want to help ensure that the e-taxi, alongside buses and trains, will become the flexibility reserve of the new urban mobility that is needed in any case in a few years' time. That is why the Berlin Taxi Guild is proposing a plan for converting 4,000 taxis to e-drive in 5 years at a minimum cost and while maintaining their mobility and cost-effectiveness in Berlin.

To do this, only a maximum of 30 brand-neutral battery swap stations need to be set up and operated at logistically attractive locations such as filling stations in the city. With 6 brand-neutral express battery swap stations and 800 swap taxis per year, about 60% of Berlin's taxi fleet could be electrified by 2027. Dispatch times of one minute, low operating costs, low vehicle prices, minimal network expansion and battery conservation are advantages that the plug-in cannot offer."

Nadolski is also calling for the Senate to create a subsidy program to support the annual purchase of 800 e-taxis with a battery swap function and a power cable for exceptional use. This must include solutions to greatly accelerate approval procedures, make it easier for taxi drivers to switch over quickly and activate a large customer potential in the region.

The taxi drivers expressly welcome the rapid availability not only of plug-in models but also of battery-powered swap vehicles from German automakers. Therefore, the state and federal government should also provide financial incentives for the conversion of European/German e-mobiles and for a broad and rapid market launch of German battery swap vehicles within the future funding. In view of the already 17 battery swap car providers, any further hesitation would lead to a dead end.

As initial locations for the stations to be planned (30 by 2027/2028), the guild recommends Spandau Altstadt/ Heerstraße, Westhafen, Messe Berlin, Innsbrucker Platz, Hermannplatz and Ostbahnhof, in addition to BER.




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