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Station von oben

About INFRADianba

INFRAMobility-Dianba is a 50:50 joint venture established in 2019 between German infrastructure experts and Aulton Dianba, the Chinese global leader in rapid battery swap solutions (maximum swap time for passenger cars: 1-1.5 min with a technical swap time of 20 seconds). Our brand-neutral drive-through battery swap decouples battery swap from recharging, conserves batteries through careful and controlled recharging, relieves local networks and ensures high customer numbers. 20-second battery swap is a technological revolution that saves a lot of time and money. It relies on customer sovereignty, subsidiarity instead of hypercomplexity, resource conservation through long-life batteries and sustainable driving, and a faster mobility turnaround through a network of stations instead of millions of charging piles.

This concept is an ideal basis for commercial e-fleets and a very fast electrification of taxis, which can thus become the 4th pillar of a CO2-free public transport system as early as necessary. It serves PV-based neighborhood mobility and affordable autonomous driving.

We see express battery swapping as a central component of future dual service station concepts: normal e-service stations can be additively transformed into energy stations or hubs of a flexible and decentralized renewable energy supply infrastructure.

Battery swap stations with 1,000 swaps and 50 MWh of energy supply per day have sufficient silent reserves, in order to ensure, together with a smaller auxiliary storage unit, the operation of coupled battery power plants (10-20 MW). With such 10-12,000 energy stations for mobility and grid could fully cover the future German electricity storage demand (up to 100 GW with more than 1000 TWh electricity demand p.a.). They do not need any complicated site planning but can be installed at proven locations through a renewing of the service station network.

Since fall 2019, INFRADianba has been operating the first European battery pilot station in Berlin's Westhafen.

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Die 7-in1-Station

Battery swap in brief

The standard procedure for e-vehicles up to 3.5 t is the battery swap through a vehicle floor frame by means of a robotic system that delivers timely filled batteries from a battery storage with permanent recharging and a small battery stock (factor ≥1.3) to ensure the continuation of the process. The e-vehicle drives on a ramp into the swap box and stops directly above the swapping table. The entire handling process takes a maximum of 1-1.5 minutes. Afterwards, the customer can pay immediately and continue the transit without interruptions and hesitation.

The implementation of an innovative express battery swap technology enables a faster and more efficient mobility turnaround. The battery swap can not only be implemented very fast at existing filling stations, but also guarantees a lot of time and money savings.

  • The advantages at a glance:
  • Only 20 seconds technical swap time
  • Up to 1,000 customers daily
  • Electricity discounts
  • Long-life batteries
  • Leasing instead of stress
  • No charging piles
  • Survival of the filling stations

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Die 7-in1-Station

The "7 in 1" e-station as the e-filling station of the future

The e-filling station of the future is an attractive alternative to a charging pile monoculture. By using the existing filling station and locations, the goals of the mobility turnaround can still be achieved in the next 10 to 15 years without procrastinating the process by expanding extensive area-wide new charging pile infrastructures. The concept of the "e-filling station of the future" offers operators the opportunity to convert their filling station into a self-sufficient e-filling station with multi-use embedding.

The "7 in 1" e-station integrates battery swap into a station concept and is the missing link to flexible, controlled charging (≤ 0.5 C) that protects the batteries and the grid. And it provides an additional secondary use by the permanently usable battery units as a basis for sufficient grid-oriented energy storage (dual-use storage service). These storage units as part of the "7 in 1" network will be attractive providers of control energy for the virtual power plants of the future.

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Die 7-in1-Station

Our cooperation offer

INFRADianba offers a 3-step solution for the mobility turnaround, consisting of the following segments: Battery Swap Stations, the E-Filling Station of the Future and SWAPTOPUS.
We offer

  • state-of-the-art drive-through battery swap stations for cars, vans, buses, trucks and other commercial vehicles, with a technical swap time of 20 seconds!
  • the maintenance and servicing/maintenance (full maintenance contract with insurance coverage for up to 12 years, if necessary).
  • a brand-neutral universal battery swap housing, in which each car manufacturer can insert its own battery.
  • Different cooperation models for station and fleet operators:
  1. Operator models individually adapted to requirements,
  2. battery leasing models in cooperation with car manufacturers (OEM) and the station operator,
  3. vehicle solutions through cooperation with manufacturers of battery-replaceable vehicles.

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