The Joint Venture INFRAMobility-Dianba GmbH

INFRAMobility-Dianba is a 50:50 joint venture founded in 2019 between German infrastructure experts and Aulton Dianba, the Chinese world market leader for fast battery swapping solutions (maximum swapping time for ecars: 1-1.5 min with a technical swapping time of 20 seconds).

We have developed safe swapping solutions for passenger cars and vans up to 3.5 t (through the vehicle floor) as well as for buses, trucks and commercial vehicles (sideways), both of which use the drive-through approach to minimize the process time - especially for e-fleets.

This fast and fully automatic battery swap (net time: approx. 20 seconds!) not only enables high customer numbers, but also a resource-saving decoupling of battery assembly and battery recharge, leading to longer battery life span and enormous cost savings with respect to the necessary grid investments (relief of the local grids).

INFRAMobility-Dianba is the binational work unit that is exclusively in charge of the rollout of the brand-neutral battery swapping system in the European markets. It holds the rights for the distribution of Aulton battery swapping stations and the associated technology in Europe. For Europe, Dianba/INFRADianba ensures unrestricted CE certification.


Awards received

  • 2015: for their "Green Health City" concept (WGDO)
  • 2016: for their book "Think further!” (European Parliament)
  • 2019: for their battery swap strategy (Hidden Champions Award).


Our Chinese Joint Venture Partner Aulton Dianba

Global market leader

Our Chinese joint venture partner Aulton Dianba is the global market leader for battery swap technology.

After demonstrating the technological maturity of our R&D, the Chinese government decided in 2020 to promote swap technology as a key infrastructure for car fleets in major cities in China.

Its status as a world leader is due to its technological superiority, which is characterized by the highest efficiency, consistent gentle recharging of batteries, no accidents and fires! Aulton Dianba is supported by world-class European suppliers and has already made a success story in China.

By 2030, up to 40,000 battery exchange stations are politically planned for China for all major metropolitan areas. With the participation of 14 OEMs, including the major partner companies of the German automotive market leaders, more than 20 million battery swap vehicles are expected to be in continuous use in 10 years.


Aulton New Energy (Dianba) draws on more than 22 years of experience, with:

  • 610 stations with capacity for up to 50,000 e-vehicles
  • 30 million battery swaps and nearly 4 billion kilometers driven in 36 cities
  • 2,600 global patents
  • Cooperation agreements with 16 OEMs (BAIC, SAIC, FAW, etc.) with more than 30 battery swap models
  • Saving of 226 million kilogram CO2 emission

Aulton Dianba's shareholders and co-investors include:

  • SINOPEC China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation 
  • BP P.L.C. (former British Petroleum)
  • NIO Capital
  • SoftBank Energy (subsidiary of SoftBank Group Corp.)

Among the strategic partnerships and joint ventures are:

  • SINOPEC, one of the world's largest service station groups, will equip at least 5,000 of its sites with our battery swap stations by 2025.
  • BP entered into a joint venture agreement with Aulton in November 2021 to initially provide battery swap services for taxis, ride-hailing vehicles and other passenger cars in the Chinese city of Guangzhou.

In 2015, Mr. Jianping Zhang, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of INFRAMOBILITY-Dianba, invited Mr. Cai Dongqing, the head of Alpha Group, Ltd. (see SZ: 002292), to join the activities of Dianba, as he now needs to be supported by a strong operation partner with international background.