Our cooperation and service offer

INFRADianba offers a 3-step solution for the mobility turnaround, consisting of the following segments: Battery Swap Stations, the E-Filling Station of the Future and the SWAPTOPUS.

Our services include:

  1. Distribution of the swap station 4.0
  2. Installation of the battery swap station by local experts and the manufacturer
  3. Maintenance and servicing (if necessary, a full maintenance contract with insurance coverage for up to 12 years)
  4. Sale and maintenance of the universal battery swap housing
  5. Different cooperation models for station and fleet operators
  • Operator models individually adapted to requirements
  • Battery leasing models in cooperation with the car manufacturer (OEM) and the station operator
  • Vehicle solutions through cooperation with OEMs of battery swap vehicles.

Battery swap stations

We offer state of the art battery swap stations (4.0) of the market leader Aulton Dianba, with a

  • pure battery swap time of only 20 seconds
  • OEM and kW variability
  • Battery leasing models

They enable fleet operators, car-sharing companies, taxi fleets and frequent drivers to achieve

  • enormous time savings
  • more efficient fleet use
  • "Less standing, more driving."

The battery swap stations can be delivered with the necessary certifications and approvals for the German market within 6-8 months after ordering.

Please inform yourself in detail about our battery changing technology here.

E-filling station of the future (7 in 1)

We offer an e-mobility solution for service station operators, enabling them to make the necessary innovative leap and turning them into pacesetters of the mobility turnaround: The e-filling station of the future.

This "7 in 1" multistation integrates battery swap into the classic filling station concept. It offers:

  • Battery swap (20 sec.)
  • Classic filling station convenience
  • Centralized plug-in with controlled charging
  • Dual use (storage for control energy)
  • Longer battery life through careful charging
  • Low kWh prices
  • Blackout precaution

In parallel with battery swap, the e-filing station of the future may also offer plug-in, hydrogen, and synthetic gasoline.

Due to the use of existing filling station infrastructures, the implementation of the battery swap stations can be quick and straightforward. The battery swap stations can be easily connected to the 10kV-110 kV grids.


The SWAPTOPUS® is an energy station for mobility and grid, a car battery storage power plant for:

  • the control energy demand
  • the load management
  • the balancing group management
  • the grid-serving operation management of local micro grids
  • the highest possible use of batteries (incl. recovery effects and cost minimization)

Please contact us if you like to learn more about our cooperation models. We will list you and help you design an optimal hub and utilization.