Our pilot station

Our pilot station Berlin-Westhafen

Since summer 2019, our battery swap station 3.0 can be visited in Berlin-Westhafen. It is the first swapping unit for e-taxis and other e-cars in Europe. A swap process usually takes 2.2 minutes, maximum 3 minutes. This unit represents the traditional swap with strictly vertical robot guidance, where the battery pack is changed through a special frame in the floor of the e-car with the help of a robot arm. The latest generation is the battery swap station 4.0, which replaces the new battery within 20 seconds with the use of two synchronized robotic arms. 

Please contact our office to arrange a visit to the station in Berlin-Westhafen.

If you are interested in the swapping technology for buses, you are also welcome to visit our swap station for buses in Poland, which has already been successfully tested in Europe and China.

You can find an overview of our current developments and projects here.